COSMO Lacrosse was founded on the principals of fun, long term athletic development, and two dad's wanting to spend time with their kids. Coaches Ben and Drew launched our first "club" team in the summer of 2021. Our combined 2028/2029 team played in two local tournaments and played box lacrosse throughout the winter, spring and summer together. Why? Because sport is meant to be fun and we have loved the game of lacrosse since we played as kids in upstate New York (Syracuse, NY). Now, we look to continue to grow the game of lacrosse and not only teach our kids but to grow the game for boys and girls in northern El Paso county because we love the game.


Team COSMO Summer 2021

ADRLN Tournament at the US Air Force Academy 



Box Lacrosse: Played in a hockey

rink (or similar) on turf or hard

surface, where it is normally

5 vs 5 full court play (field players are

called "runners"), plus a goalie.

Runners play the whole field. Box

is a fast, physical game that

enhances players skills, including

having to make lightning fast

decisions and refining individual skills to play in a smaller space.


Register for Assessment Days:

Experienced players encouraged to attend our upcoming evaluation days: August 12 & August 14, click here to learn more/register (there is no charge for assessment days).

Fall 2021 Box Lacrosse Details

  • Boys 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade teams

  • Practice location: Barefoot Park and MA East turf

  • Game location: Castle Rock Box Rinks (map)

  • Full protective equipment required

  • Tuesday night/Saturday morning practices, Sunday games

  • All players must be USA Lacrosse members

  • Coaches: Drew Stevenson and Ben Holstein

To learn more please email 

Fall Box Team participation is by invitation only

Fee: $250, includes 12+ practices, Sunday Box games August 29 thru October 17, and the Boomerang Field Tournament October 2nd/3rd. $90 additional for players who need to purchase a team uniform.


To become a member of US Lacrosse Click Here.

Select "Youth Membership" - it is good for one year, so if you sign up for any other US Lacrosse based program, including all COSMO programs, you will be covered/not have to pay again for a full year.