Dates, times, and location for Summer '20 coming soon!

Thursday Night Lax (TNL) is designed for the boys player (Girls Goalies Welcome!) with at least one full season of team play. TNL is a "game" night that focuses on competition but also education.  Playing games is great, winning is even better, but if you're not regularly being "coached up" bad habits will form.  This is where TNL comes in, for the long term development of every player.  

COSMO's goal of TNL is to have every player leave the game field each night having learned (at least) one thing to improve his/her game. "Get ahead of the ball", "move it through X", and "up the sideline" will be just a few of the things that will be stressed to TNL players. We develop smart lacrosse players!


Players may sign up individually or with a team (Rangers, Patriots, Cheyenne Mtn., etc... are all welcome to participate in TNL.) 

Teams are formed by Grade:

U8 (1st/2nd), U10 (3rd/4th), U12 (5th/6th), U14 (7th/8th)

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