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Soft balls. No protective equipment needed.
Full speed. Lots of action!
Beginner Lightning Lacrosse (Lax)

Our beginner lacrosse program (sometimes called "Lightning Lax") is a great way to give lacrosse a try before committing to a season or team. Players are welcome and encouraged to participate in more than on Try Lax event to develop their skills and ultimately, move onto a team.


Play fast. Have fun. Develop your love for lacrosse by learning the fundamentals, gaining small full field game experience. Lightning Lax is for beginners but it is a game that can be played by the very best lacrosse players (think: playing at the beach, pick up with friends in the neighborhood, and so much more!). Every player will be instructed on the core fundamentals of lacrosse, including scooping ground balls, stick handling (cradling), passing and catching, and basic game play.


At the conclusion of your COSMO Lightning Lax experience we'll point you in the right direction to local boys and girls programs in north Colorado Springs, Monument, and south Douglas County.


Beginner Skills Training for Boys & Girls
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